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Comfy Kennedy Dress

Comfy Kennedy Dress

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The beautiful Comfy Kennedy Dress is perfect for any occasion! It is crafted from a luxurious merino wool and acrylic blend, making it a cozy and comfortable choice. Perfect for both formal and informal events. Enjoy unparalleled style and comfort with this gorgeous dress.

  • Make sure you turn your Comfy item inside out when washing.

  • Dry your Comfy item on a lint free towel or clothes rack.

  • As you can feel your Comfy piece is soft and luxurious. This is because of the loosely spun yarn. This does allow for more opportunity for friction and in turn, pilling.

  • Pilling is not a forever thing. In fact, after a few wears, pilling will happen less and less as the fibers make their way to the surface.

  • Use of a pill shaver will help keep your items looking new and should only need to be used a couple times.
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